Wiyaala – Leno (This Place) +Lyrics

Mp3 Download Wiyaala – Leno (This Place)

Wiyaala – Leno (This Place)
Wiyaala – Leno (This Place)

Get ready to groove to the new song by Ghanaian singer-songwriter Wiyaala! She’s just released “Leno,” which translates to “This Place” in English.

This catchy tune is available for streaming and download, so you can listen to it whenever you want.

A Romantic Escape

Wiyaala herself has described “Leno” as a song about wanting to be alone with someone special. The lyrics, sung in both Sissala and English, create a romantic atmosphere. Imagine a hidden place where no one can find you and your love, a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

The song’s release in 2016 was accompanied by a music video, filmed in East Yorkshire, England. The visuals add another layer to the story, transporting viewers to a beautiful and serene setting that reflects the song’s mood.

More About Wiyaala

Wiyaala is a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene. Her talent and unique style are gaining recognition around the world. “Leno” is just one example of her captivating sound.

If you’re looking for fresh music with a touch of Ghanaian flair, be sure to check out Wiyaala’s music, including “Leno (This Place).”

Come lets go
Come lets go
My love, come with me
To this place, no one knows
Lets go to this place
Nobody will know us
Let’s go to this place
No one can see us
No one can bother us


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