Will I be right to call Kwamena Amponsah the contemporary Kwame Dzokoto on Tadi Radio?

Will I be right to call Kwamena Amponsah the contemporary Kwame Dzokoto on Tadi Radio?

Effiewura Kwame Dzokoto, once a drive time host for Skyy Power FM brought on air a style of radio presenting which was novel to Westerners.
His (Kwame Dzokoto) style which was a cocktail of updates of national issues in a humorous way, speaking for the lower class in society and a sense of humour which was decidedly quirky won him and Skyy Power FM innumerable listeners especially from the 3pm-6pm radio belt.
The name Kwame Dzokoto receives warm approval from those who listened to him during the early 2000’s.

Since Kwame Dzokoto left the Western Region, there have been several Radio Presenters who have attempted to fit in his shoes but to no avail.

This confirms the fact that a Radio Presenter could imitate another’s style but the imitator should as well add his/her own flavour to it because he/she would not succeed as his/her mentor did if all that imitator does is to represent the mentor.

Kwamena Amponsah, the host of ‘Afternoon Golden Show’ on WestGold Radio in Takoradi reminds most Westerners of Kwame Dzokoto. Even though he does not imitate the exact Kwame Dzokoto style, his presenting on air bear some resemblance to Kwame Dzokoto’s. He seem to have found his niche lately.

Amponsah as his callers affectionately call him has an enviable listenership in the Western Region. In this day and time when people listen to personalities and programmes on air and switch to different radio stations as much as they blink their eyes when their favourite personalities end their programme, Amponsah is one of the radio presenters in Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis who is on most lists of radio listeners.

The Taxi Drivers, the market women, few white-collar workers and house wives have found their contemporary Kwame Dzokoto in Kwamena Amponsah. “The Westgold boy, the one who speaks Sekondi Fante is my favourite. I liked Effiewura, I always miss him but I think Amponsah is like Effiewura for me” Sister Araba, a seamstress at the Takoradi Market Circle whose estimate of the similarities between Effiewura and Amponsah inspired the headline of this report said.

“In fact I don’t know the day that I don’t listen to Amponsah. I listen to him (Amposah) and ‘3kosi s3n’show. Amponsah makes me laugh anytime I listen to him and especially how he ‘fool’ with his callers makes me enjoy his call-in session” Adwoa Essuon, an onion seller at the Market Circle said.

Will I be right to call Kwamena Amponsah the contemporary Kwame Dzokoto on Tadi Radio?

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