Who’s The Favourite For Eurovision 2023?

Revealed on this page are some of the latest Eurovision Song Contest betting odds for which country might come out on top.

Who's The Favourite For Eurovision 2023

If you would like to place a wager on the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, you’ve come to
the right place. This page reveals some of the latest betting odds for which country might come out
on top at this year’s event.

Although these odds are accurate at the time of writing, don’t forget that no bets are ever
guaranteed to win and that the odds can change at any time from now until the start of the event.

Where and when is the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest this year will be the 67th edition of the world’s biggest song contest. It
will be taking place at the Liverpool Arena in Liverpool, England, between May 9th – 13th.

The first semi-final is on Tuesday, May 9th. Just two days later, May 11th, is the second semi-final,
and then another two days later, Saturday, May 13th, the Grand Final is due to take place.

A total of 37 countries will be represented at this year’39;s Eurovision Song Contest, but which country
looks like it will most likely win? Take a closer look right here.

Which country is the odds-on favourite to win the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

According to many of today’s most highly recommended online bookmakers (fully licensed sports
betting sites), the country that has the best shot at winning this year’s contest is Sweden, followed
by Finland, Ukraine, Spain, and Norway.

Other reasonably priced countries are Israel, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, and even the
United Kingdom and Australia.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 betting odds explained

Here are the latest Eurovision odds you can get at sites like Unibet. However, these odds may be
accurate now, but don’t forget they are subject to change at any given moment.

They shouldn’t change too much, but it’s something to be aware of, especially if you want to place a
wager on the semi-finals or the grand final.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest odds. They are as follows:

● At the time of writing, the THIRD odds-on country to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
are Ukraine. If you were to bet on Ukraine right now winning this year’s contest, you would
currently be looking at average odds of around 7/1 in the UK fractional odds format. It
means they have a 12.50% chance (implied probability rate) of actually winning. 7/1 would
look like 700 in the American/moneyline odds format or 8.00 in the European decimal odds
● Finland are the SECOND odds-on favourite band at 10/3, which means they have a slightly
better 23.10% implied probability rate, or 4.33 in decimal odds, and 333 in
American/moneyline odds

● Sweden are the bookies’ odds-on favourite band to win the contest outright. Placing a bet
on them right now would get you odds of around 5/6 with a 54.50% implied probability rate
(which is 1.83 in decimal odds and -120 in American/moneyline odds)

What to remember when betting on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

If you want to place a real money wager on any countries competing at the Eurovision Song Contest
this May at the Liverpool Arena, you must be at least 18.

Placing bets comes with risks, so only bet with money that you can afford to lose. To ensure you
have a safe and enjoyable betting experience, never chase your losses, and always gamble
responsibly. Also, remember to learn the odds and betting markets and have fun.

You can always set deposit limits when you sign up to a licensed sports betting site, which is a great
way to manage your bankroll and stay within your budget.


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