Video : SHATTA WALE IS A “god”

SHATTA WALE IS A “god”( Spoken word poetry video) drops this Saturday.
I recount with so much joy my encounter with Shatta wale some time ago regarding the manner in which he happily responded to my excitement upon seeing him( this is it: ” I screamed Shatta wale”, and he sent me a smile, and a wave) this sounds trivial right? But hey! to me, it’s worth 12k of gold because some celebrities will just brush you off. The fact that Shatta wale had to halt his conversation on Phone to respond to me only further affirmed his solid respect for his fans. For me that stood out. For which reason I put together this Spoken word poem to honor his simplicity.
NB: To think that Your Enemy must be my enemy is neither here nor there. I love all artistes in Ghana.

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