Unstoppable DJ Sly of WatsUp TV slumps Ghanaian Artistes

Unstoppable DJ Sly of WatsUp TV slumps Ghanaian Artistes

There seems to be a rather curious relationship between DJs and artistes. DJs help artistes blow up by playing their songs, but when these artistes become big, they completely forget the DJs.
This is very very ridiculous, it’s very annoying. I know a couple of artistes (I won’t mention names) that have changed in this way. They start disrespecting the DJ. Before they blew I remember they used to beg the DJ to play their song, but now and they changed. It has happened to me here in Ghana , they are just acting silly when they blow. I always say one thing in life: you have to be humble; arrogance will not take you anywhere in life. If you want to do your research, a lot of artist that have gone down went down because they were too arrogant. Now they are trying to come back, begging everybody. You know, you once slapped us in our face. What do you want us to do? We should bring our faces for you to slap us again? To be honest, there’s no solution to these things. I have a couple of friends that are artistes and they are very grounded. The ones that don’t show me love, I don’t see any reason why I should show them love. Treat me good and I’ll treat you good. I’ll just be very honest, I think it’s just a very silly thing. Any artistes that do that, I don’t see them lasting so long in this game. One thing i will say as a DJ, “artistes would come and go, the DJs will always stay.” I guarantee you, in the next 10years if people should ask who Unstoppable DJ Sly is, he’d still be there. ” There’s nothing we can do; it’s about the artistes’ personality when they are getting fame. I think sometimes it gets in their head so much. They haven’t even blown up and they start acting silly. I think the women, the money, the crowd, get into their head and they just forget really who they were. As an artiste, you really have to remember: the fans are the ones that make you; without the fans there’s no you. So it’s a circle: the DJ, the artist, the fans. We all need each other; we all have to come together. It’s one circle.I’m advising Ghanaian Artistes to respect Djs no matter how the situation because without DJ’s they are nothing.

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