Trending Video Of Shs Students Doing The Unwanted

Trending Video Of Shs Students Doing The Unwanted
Trending Video Of Shs Students Doing The Unwanted

Trending Video Of Shs Students Doing The Unwanted There’s been trending videos and pictures of what some Senior High School Girls (SHS), was seen doing after writing their exams has surfaced online. As it can be seen through the pictures trending online, where the girls were having fun and excited over their his ended exams.

It was gathered that some of the SHS Girls was seen Thanking GOD, for having been with them all through their examination, amidst excited for a successful examination. Whereas some senior high students were seen, pouring sands on themselves for a successful completion of senior high School examination.

A correspondent whose name was given as BlaYaw355, in his statement said that some senior high School girls, were seen pouring water in themselves and mud, as they claim it is their own pattern of celebrating, the successful completion of their West Africa Examination.

“Some of the Senior high School girls were seen pouring water, on themselves as a means of jubilation for the completion of their west African Examination Certificate”, BlaYaw 355 said.

BlaYaw reported that instead of the girls to pray and thank GOD, for a successful examination end completion of their Senior high School, they were busy pouring mud and water on themselves. Adding that they are not even sure that they are not even sure, if they will come out with flying colors, when the results will be out.

Furthermore, BlaYaw recalled that Senior High School students were not happy with President Nana Akufo Addo, when they took their first West African Examination Certificate.

In my opinion, I will say that the Senior high School students, who took part in the just ended West African Examination Certificate, should pray to GOD first that they results will be excellent. And I pray that they all come out successful.

What is your thoughts on this. Do you think is wise for them to celebrate and jubilate in that manner? Please kindly share too.

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