Thomas the Great & Beeztrap KOTM – Idiotss

Idiotss By Thomas the Great & Beeztrap KOTM

Thomas the Great & Beeztrap KOTM – Idiotss

Get ready for some new heat! Rappers Thomas the Great and Beeztrap KOTM have joined forces on a brand new song titled “Idiotss,” produced by YC.

Thomas the Great raps about his journey “from the south with the Benes boys,” possibly referencing his crew or a specific location. He encourages listeners to “take a chance” and suggests they’ve been “studying the game on the low.”

Beeztrap KOTM seems to be playing the role of the “apprentice,” but one who respects the hustle. He mentions “keeping faces big” and suggests there’s a certain code they follow, possibly one that doesn’t allow for outward displays of weakness.

There’s also a cryptic reference to cryptocurrency, with the line “we invested in crypto boys.” The full song might delve deeper into their financial success or perhaps the struggles that come with it.

Stream Idiotss by Thomas the Great & Beeztrap KOTM and do add your views to the section of comments below.

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