Terms And Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions that every visitor should take into account when browsing this website.

Written terms and conditions below on this page line up all the usage of engaging with Ghanaclassic.com.

Visiting Ghanaclassic.com means you acknowledge the full terms and conditions written on our terms and conditions page.

Abide by our terms of usage on this page to make browsing on this website a heaven.

Ghanaclassic.com Treats

We practice and make use of treats, by putting into practice our terms and browsing the Ghanaclassic.com website, you the visitor do utilize Richard’s protection strategy treats strategy.

Ghanaclassic.com Permit

Except otherwise expressed or written, Ghanaclassic.com and also its licensors do own the protected content rights on every material seen on Ghanaclassic.com.

Property content intellectual reserved for ghanaclassic.com. Visitors can use our website Ghanaclassic.com for their very own use cause of limitations set in these terms and conditions.

Users of Ghanaclassic are not allowed to

Remake or republish material from Ghanaclassic.com

Sell, rent out, or sub-authorize material from Ghanaclassic.com

Remake, rewrite, and should not duplicate content

Resell and transfer content from Ghanaclassic

Hyperlinking Content On Ghanaclassic

The listed institutions and agencies can link to Ghanaclassic anytime without sending or writing us to approve

Governmental bodies or agents

Web search crawlers engines;

News media;

Web Directories can also add a link in a hyperlink form to our site as they do to other listed sites.

These institutions or bodies can add a link to our Home main page, pages, and other content on the website when the link is not
a. in a bad manner or deceiving
b. in an unknown approved advert or sponsorship to link to another party’s services and products
c. add up of fit in the content of the linking site.

Ghanaclassic can be put into consideration by approving links from the listed institutions or online agencies

dot.com networking’s websites;
affiliate site providing amazing givings to society;
charity institutions bodies;
Web websites directory sites;
online gateways ports;
institutional that trade and educates;
law and accounting bodies or websites.

Our site with grant link approval from the listening agencies if we come to the conclusion that
a: the agencies and institutions do not hold any bad history with us;
b: if the in-coming link serves good information;
c: the link in a hyper form adds a huge advantage for us to benefit from;
d: the coming link will not render us bad to make our business bad.

These institutions or bodies can add a link to our Home main page when the link is not
a. in a bad manner or deceiving
b. in an unknown approved advert or sponsorship to link to another party’s services and products
c. add up of fit in the content of the linking site.

If visiting agencies in the above list want to a link on the Ghanaclassic site, email us at [email protected].
Email must include name, agency name, information for us to contact you with, and the websites that you want to link to ours.
By providing the information, we will reply in 1 to 2 weeks.

Agencies or websites can add a hyperlink to our sites using the following rules
a: use our website’s main name;
b: by using a word in our website or content that adds value;
c: by using useful words in the content being linked to.

No usage of the Ghanaclassic.com logo or any website logo will be accepted for hyperlinking missing trademark permit rights.

Usage Of Iframes On Ghanaclassic
If any approval is not given out or printed out in any form, visitors do not have the right to make frames surrounding our website in no form that will add to the appearance of our website in any way.

Liability of Content

Ghanaclassic will not be held accountable for any written content in any form that appears on your webpage.
With this, you make it a goal to protect and protect our website when there is an arising claim on your site. Links or no hyperlinks must show on any webpage that will be rendered as criminal or false or any link that violates and infringes other websites and 3rd parties.

Rights Of Reservations

Ghanaclassic also has the right in all forms to ask you to remove every link directed to our website.
You will agree to delete or take away every link pointing to our website when asked to and also our team holds all the necessary rights to change our terms and conditions including the policy of linking at any given time.
If you agree and proceed to link to Ghanaclassic then it means your agreed to bind to our conditions and terms of linking.

Link Removal
If a visitor or an institution finds a hyperlink on our site that does not go well with them, they can email or contact us.
Ghanaclassic will put into consideration to take down the link, do keep in mind that we are not bound to contact you in any direct form.

No record is given by our side that the content on our website is 100 percent correct nor the content on our website will always be up to date, we also haven’t given assurance in any form that our website will always be live.

Disclaimer Notice
At any level given appropriate law right, our website will prohibit all warrants, terms, and conditions that relate to the usage of ghanaclassic.com websites.
No writing in the disclaimer will

a. restrict or keep out you or our liability for injury, accident, or death;
b. restrict or keep out you or our liability theft untrustworthiness;
c. keep out any part of our liability that can not be taken out under the applicable law.

All writing steps that prohibit are lined up on this page and any place in this disclaimer is ruled by all the liabilities under the writing disclaimer and also liability appearing in any writing agreements.

Our website will not be accountable for any damages or losses because this site and its content are offered free of charge.