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Shenseea Calls Out Deception in “You Lie”

Dancehall queen Shenseea delivers a strong message in her song “You Lie.” The track, released in February 2017, likely hits home for anyone who’s been deceived in a relationship.

While the exact details of the song’s inspiration are unknown, Shenseea sings about a partner who is full of empty promises. The lyrics depict someone who constantly lies and makes excuses for their behavior.

Shenseea isn’t here for the games, though. She expresses frustration with being taken for granted and calls out the deception directly. The chorus is a powerful declaration: “You lie, you lie, you lie / Every single word a damn lie.”

The song isn’t just about anger. Shenseea also conveys a sense of moving on from the negativity. She acknowledges the hurt but suggests she’s stronger because of it.

“You Lie” is a catchy anthem for anyone who’s ever felt lied to or disrespected. Shenseea’s confident vocals and the driving riddim create a mood of empowerment. The song is a reminder that you deserve honesty and respect in a relationship.

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