STREAM ONLY: C4 Pedro – Quero Mais Love feat. StoneBwoy

Angolan singer C4 Pedro joins forces with Ghanaian dancehall artist StoneBwoy to deliver a new song titled “Quero Mais Love,” which translates to “I Want More Love.” This collaboration brings together two of Africa’s most exciting talents, promising a vibrant and infectious track.

While details about the song’s meaning are scarce, clues can be found in the title itself. “Quero Mais Love” suggests a theme of yearning for deeper affection. Perhaps the song explores the desire for a stronger connection or a recommitment within a relationship.

Looking at C4 Pedro’s past work, he’s known for his smooth vocals and ability to craft catchy melodies that blend genres like kizomba and Afrobeats. StoneBwoy, on the other hand, brings his energetic dancehall style and infectious charisma to the mix. The combination of their talents hints at a song that’s both soulful and full of life.

Intriguingly, there’s also a music video for “Quero Mais Love” featuring actress Vanessa Caixeiro. This suggests a visually captivating experience alongside the music itself. Whether the video portrays a love story or uses symbolism to depict the song’s theme remains to be seen.

With its title hinting at themes of love and desire, the collaboration between C4 Pedro and StoneBwoy has all the makings of a hot new track. With a music video featuring a popular actress, “Quero Mais Love” is sure to generate a lot of buzz. Keep an ear out for this exciting release from two of Africa’s music powerhouses.


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