Song Theft (Qwesi Flex & Papa Elliot)

Song Theft (Qwesi Flex & Papa Elliot)

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Well both Qwesi Flex and Papa Elliot are referred to as the ladies men,eeii hahaaha yes they both have sexy looking eyes and sweet romantic voice and lyrics that drives ladies crazy(makes them go like woow i like this man).
There is something fishy going on between the two singers that makes people talk about them,well it their voice and lyrics.Yes true in all ways and if am lying please do tell me.

Fact are below.

Fact 1 : They have similar voice.
Sometimes when you hear a track playing it is difficult to differentiate if it Qwesi Flex or Papa Elliot if you don’t know them well.

Fact 2 : Their Lyrics sometimes matches.
Fact 3 : They have the same progression.
Fact 4 : If your girls tell you that she is a fan of both 2 please breakup with her because their voice is like magic,chanting all the girls to abide and obey their commands.
Please keep note that this is my view so if you find anything wrong do contact me.

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