#ShattaQuotes: 17 Quotes By Shatta Wale That Will Blow Your Mind

Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly know as ‘Shatta Wale’ is filled with wisdom beyond reasonable doubt. He never ceases to post messages of inspiration to his fans. Especially on his Social Media Handles.
He has post new Inspirational Quotes on his facebook timeline as part of his Birthday Celebration which is on tomorrow And Out of that we have filtered this mind blowing quotes that will inspire you. Sit back and enjoy:

*An illletrate is not one who hasnt been to school before but
people who lack maturity in a particular field of life. -Shatta Wale

*And the Monkey said, if you won’t praise me, I will praise myself.I’m the best and first. That’s what you should tell yourself.- Shatta Wale

*Its only God who does MIRACLES.- Shatta Wale

*The wise speaks in a tongue non-entities won’t understand. Life is full of many good and bad roads choose yours.-Shatta Wale

*I believe only one thing God gave us. And that’s Love!! -Shatta Wale

*If opportunity doesnt knock on your door this 2016. I swear build a door for yourself and knock and see the miracle.- Shatta Wale

*Thanks to the critics,you guys made me strong and to the doubting Thomases you guys are so great because you made me great whilst others thought I was going down.-Shatta Wale

*Do whatever you like to do in this world so far as it won’t get you into trouble. Its your life! Live it! I love u all!- Shatta Wale

*The YOUTH is my main priority in my music career. I care so much about them and will make sure we grow together to change the “CANT DO” TO THE “CAN DO” SPIRIT. ‪#‎NOTIME‬ – Shatta Wale

*In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.- Shatta Wale

*Other people’s opinions should never affect the decisions you make. It’s your life, not theirs. Do what makes you happy.-Shatta Wale

*Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.-Shatta Wale

*Positive anything is better than negative nothing. -Shatta Wale

*Don’t disrespect but disrespect when you are been disrespected -Shatta Wale

*Nobody makes man ,Always remember its GOD!!!!..Cuz he never fails -Shatta Wale


*Be yourself ..Be da boss of your life intelligently. -Shatta Wale

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve seen real wisdom in his words. Do well to share this with others.

By Shadrack Amonoo Crabbe

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