Shatta Wale – Too late to apologize

Now I dedicate this song to all those who think they are better off on their own without Shatta Wale, please never wait too long until it too late to Apologise. None of us here on this planet are perfect, we are all full of sin, and the Bible said Even Our Righteousness is like a filthy rug before His eyes. Mistakes are bound to happen and human being will definitely be angry, but he who is at fault must always do whatever it takes to ensure that apology has been rendered and accepted, if not then the burden of sin lies pon your head. Please do not let Pride and Arrogance lead you on. Do the right thing. All of you here none of you knows Shatta Wale better than I do, you may know him in the flesh but I know him in the Spirit. And he’s a very Kind and Caring person. I always say that he is a Prophet, believe me you may never understand his journey until the day he dies.
Please enjoy this Song from the African Dancehall King #ShattaWalle
Don’t just enjoy but listen to the Lyrical Content
Song Titled ” Too Late ”
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