Shatta Wale – It takes A lot to stand as a Revolutionist to change a course

It takes A lot to stand as a Revolutionist to change a course,
My Career went down For a decade, But I still struggled to Bounce back because, I felt my Mission was uncompleted.
I believed there was a Rule in Every Game, But I didn’t follow the rule, instead I created mine and I changed the Game Rather.
I Faced many Giants in this Industry because I wanted my Colleagues And I to enjoy the fruit of our sweat in this frail Industry.
I stepped on many toes because I wanted the big Sharks in this Industry to wake up to our aid (and that was the only way to attract their attention )
Many critics labeled me as the Controversial or the “Noise Maker”
But the truth is, No Revolutionary occurs under a tranquil.
How would the Mother know Something is wrong with the Baby, If the Baby Don’t Cry??
We Don’t call that “Noise” We call it a “Plea”
I just wanted them to know that, this Industry is Sick and we need emergency attention before it would be too late for Us and the Next generations.
My ideology was simple, Fighting for the amelioration of this Industry for Me, You and Our next Generations
Many people don’t understand me, I wish I can Explain myself all up, But they won’t still understand even If I did.
All the Bad dooms towards me, the bad wishers, the downfall Predictors, the Dream Killers, The Critics, I understand them and I still Love them.
I don’t expect them to understand and accept my philosophy either , But very very soon They will understand what “SHATTA WALE” was all about.
They won’t understand now, Not tomorrow nor tomorrow next, But some day, one very certain day, They’ll throw my Stones back to my Feet.
Sometimes I cried because, I come from a Country where they’re fond of insulting and discouraging you in front of you, But praises you at your Back.
For Sure, At least my resurrection back to the Music scene and my voice has made a positive impact in this Industry.
Not to where I wanted it to, but at least it’s better Now, Comparing to the previous years,
And I’m not resting on this, I’ll keep Fighting, Digging, Voicing till we all got that #FREEDOM.
Those have eyes will see It, Those Have mouth will say it and those with Ears will hear It!!

– Written by Shadrack Amonoo Crabe

-.Artwork by Real Pencil Gallery (Yaw Quansah )

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