Sayvee Introduce Gong Gong Dance

Corp Sayvee proclaims:
After the introduction of HipLife in 1994 and 1997, we have seen the rise of great artistes and one of the most successful but very humble musicians is Saviour Kweku Adzika popularly known in show biz as Sayvee.

Listen To Sayvee’s –  Gong Gong Dance Here

Sayvee hails from the Eweland but was born and bred in Takoradi. He has been in the showbiz for a long time and was around during the era of the great Fante group ‘Sass Squad’ and has produced several hit songs with his unique but intellectual rap style which always leaves his fans screaming for more any time he climbs up the stage.

He is one of the few musicians who combine fame with academics and work, and the only Ghanaian artiste who creates something from an everyday ‘lifestyle’.

In an interview with Hon. Jack Tonto on Westgold radio, a Takoradi based radio station, he was asked about his peace song and this is what he had to say, “I do good music.I know when to release what and i’m always ready to take up any challenge.’YAAYI’ is a song i wrote for the upcoming elections in Ghana.You know the kind of tension that mount in Ghana when it’s election. My message is succinct. We are all Ghanaians with different views and opinions but we are one people despite of our political differences. Peace is what we need and that’s what ‘Team Cooperate Sayvee’ stands for. As part of our works, i am out with a new single titled ‘GONG GONG DANCE’ which features the Junka Boys from Takoradi.Apart from playing the peace song,the idea behind this is to shift the youth’s attention from violence to entertainment . Its all about peace before, during and after elections”, Sayvee opined.

This is the most trending song in Ghana now as the Godogala man does a blend of pure Fanti and English twist toppled with hardcore rap from the Junka Boys.

Gong Gong Dance is a newly formulated dance by Sayvee and its widely spreading across Ghana.It is a combination of typical Ghanaian ethnic dances with a little bit of modern twist and turns ,put together to make it more appealing.

This is a quick replacement for Azonto and Alkayida which lasted but few months. With Gong Gong Dance, it’s our very own ‘New from the Old’ which will last.

At the moment, Sayvee and his team are preparing to embark on a nation wide tour dubbed ‘Gong Gong Dance Tour’ with some mouth watering prizes for the best dance groups and also to meet and interact with Corpnatives (fans of Sayvee’s Corpnation).

According to Sayvee, he is here to save the youth who pursue their talent in the wrong way.


Please click the link below to listen and watch the Gong gong Dance freestyle.

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