Quamina MP & Kofi Mole – Fed Up

Fed Up By Quamina MP & Kofi Mole

Quamina MP & Kofi Mole – Fed Up

Ghanaian music fans, rejoice! Talented artists Quamina MP and Kofi Mole have teamed up to release a new EP titled “Toopeezy,” featuring the hot track “Fed Up.”

“Fed Up” is now available for free download, so you can listen to these rising stars bring their heat.

More Than Just a Free Song

This news goes beyond just a free track. The release of “Fed Up” marks a collaboration between two of Ghana’s most exciting rappers.

Quamina MP, known for his catchy melodies and smooth flow, joins forces with Kofi Mole, whose energetic delivery and clever wordplay have won him a dedicated fanbase. Together, they promise to deliver something special on “Toopeezy.”

What to Expect from “Fed Up”

While details about the overall sound of “Toopeezy” are scarce, the title “Fed Up” hints at a song with some fire. It could be a track where Quamina MP and Kofi Mole vent their frustrations or trade fierce bars over a bumping beat.

Join the Conversation

Have you had a chance to listen to “Fed Up”? What are your thoughts on this new collaboration between Quamina MP and Kofi Mole? Share your opinions in the comments below and let’s get a discussion going about “Toopeezy”!

By the way, while “Fed Up” is a free song, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the full EP. It’s a great chance to delve deeper into the music of Quamina MP and Kofi Mole and see what else they have to offer.

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