Phrimpong – Obiaa Ft RGM Wonder

Obiaa By Phrimpong Ft RGM Wonder

Phrimpong – Obiaa Ft RGM Wonder
Phrimpong – Obiaa Ft RGM Wonder

Ghanaian Musician Phrimpong Teams Up with RGM Wonder for Uplifting Anthem “Obiaa”

Ghanaian musician Phrimpong is back with a brand new song, “Obiaa,” featuring the talented RGM Wonder. This catchy track, produced by Khendi Beatz, is a powerful anthem that’s sure to get you moving.

“Obiaa” translates to “everyone” in the Akan language, and the song lives up to its name. Phrimpong, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and smooth vocals, delivers a message of resilience and collaboration. RGM Wonder complements Phrimpong’s style perfectly, adding another layer of depth to the song with his own impressive rapping skills.

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The infectious melody and driving rhythm make “Obiaa” a standout track. It blends indigenous Ghanaian sounds with modern production to create a unique and unforgettable listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of highlife music or simply looking for a new song to add to your playlist, “Obiaa” is definitely worth checking out.

LISTEN TO Phrimpong – Obiaa Ft RGM Wonder [Download]


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