Payper Corleone – Nobody Lyrics (Khaligraph Jones Diss)

Payper Corleone - Nobody (Khaligraph Jones Diss)
Payper Corleone – Nobody (Khaligraph Jones Diss)

Payper Corleone – Nobody Lyrics (Khaligraph Jones Diss)

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Best Rapper In Nigeria? You a nobody/
Who in here a fan of Kaligraph? Nobody/
You tryna shit on everybody to be somebody?
Well We got Rappers and you don’t want it with nobody/

Sarkodie Is The Only Biggest Artist I Know From Ghana – Akon

This an enquiry I’m asking if you’re sure about it/
The last time they got me mad I left the scene with 4 bodies/
Ask VEC and Vader the wild card/
Thou shall not cross thy path I’m like God/

Oh i see, you’ve been moving with Judas/
Let’s get one thing straight I’m not cool with the rulers/
You know my vibe raid the palace come through with intruders/
Them bullets music to your ears Might get Buju to do it/

Lyrics : Usher Ft Ella Mai – Don’t Waste My Time

This stunt of yours, I’m wondering who pushed you to do it/
We hardbody Ford tough we don’t move with the Buicks/
The other guy would be late to respond/
Need you to understand you go against the country you facing the Don/

You think we weak and our industry’s a Gold rush/
Instead of sending shots at us you should show love/
I dare you to respond if you so tough/
This is Anfield you’ll never get a win on the home turf/

Nathan Wagner – Hope Lyrics

Pick an opponent stop teasing up the whole house/
First one to hop out for the drama if it goes south/
As for those other guys!
Well make I no shout/
Dissing everybody is part of the roll out/

I’m off that back to Kaligraph/
There’s no point asking how you feel I’m sure you’ll fail the polygraph/
You got smoke then the Don want it/
You signed up for all of these and I’m just praying you don’t run from it/

Clever – It’s All Bad Lyrics

Don’t tamper justice with mercy homie I’m very strict/
You got the plaque pretty cool but we the MVPs/
Do you dirty when they see you know you had it bad/
Strangle Kaligraph with a fanny pack/

Alicia Moffet – Beautiful Scar Lyrics

The disrespect is what I’m handing back/
Plus whoever gets involved i guarantee you’ll get your granny snatched/
Are you proud of this?
You wanna chase clout? Fine! Do your thing but leave us out of it/


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