OMG : Paa Kwasi And Stonebwoy Exposed

Despite all the challenges that were associated with the 18th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the event has ended leaving in its trail, so many history to be kept.

Among them is the fact that Joe Mettle, a gospel artiste won the ultimate award and a young chap from the Northern region won the new discovery artiste to the shock of all. These records not withstanding, there were some pointers we picked up from some award winners that breed disunity in the industry and we want to condemn it in no uncertain terms.

First is the BHIM Nation president Stonebwoy who refused to mention his beats producer`s name Beatz Dakay during his performance at the conference centre. Music lovers know very well that his “go higher” song starts with a mention or recognition of the producer`s name so it was surprising that during the performance, he refused to mention it. Unfortunately for him, out of excitement or ecstacy he mentioned Beatz but he could not end with Dakay which exposed him outright knowing what is brewing between them.

Did Stonebwoy do that because of the rift between him and Dakay and therefore they are not working any more? No matter the excuse or explanation and for crying out loud, Stonebwoy should not think about not giving credits to Beatz Dakay. This is because even if he goes to Pluto to perform, the song was produced by Beatz Dakay and he is even supposed to enjoy part of the rights when it matters most. Sometimes one wants to perceive people in showbiz to be very petty because of how we put out our attitudes publicly without paying attention to who might be watching or observing. I was happy other people also saw it and I heard Stonebwoy was interviewed about that display on radio (Hitz fm to be specific).

Ghanaians are used to brands based on how they started, therefore when it comes to change, they adapt it very slowly and sometimes refuse the change at all. That is why when music groups break in Ghana, it takes a longer time for the individuals to break through with their solo songs. Okyeame Kwame is a living testimony to this as it took him close to 10 years before he got a hit “Woso” after the Akyeame break up.

A young highlife group called Dobble came from nowhere and started giving us all the hits until we heard one day that they have separated and are no more doing music together. Well, that did not come as a surprise because that was not the first time we were hearing such a thing in our industry. Whilst discussing their break up at that time, one of their singles “Christy” had a major breakthrough and enjoyed popularity from all areas and corners. Lo and behold, the song was adjudged the most popular song at the VGMA making the contribution of both members in the group substantial.

Seriously, as to why both members were not at the awards leaves much to be desired because they were both nominees and as much as we know, all nominees were invited to the awards. So what happened to Enwai? That can rest for now. So Dobble`s name was mentioned as the winner of the most popular song and Paa Kwasi had to go for the trophy and to say his thanks giving speech. To the surprise of many including the “devil”, Paa Kwasi did not recognize his other brother Enwai for his contribution but it took another person to remind him to say thank you to Enwai before he did.

In fact, Paa Kwasi has not seen peace and rest after that incidence as many especially on social media are blasting him for that behavior. Paa Kwasi should never forget that no matter what, Christy was not his sole efforts so he should remember to give credits to his partner Enwai no matter the situation. To us at Flex newspaper, we think both artistes Paa Kwasi and Stonebwoy should not repeat this act on any platform as it has the tendency of causing more harm than good to their careers

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