News : 5 Unknown Artist in Taadi You Must Watch Out For


ATO K : He is popularly known by his slogan as no case as the responds to the name Ato K, he happens to be the grandpa among all the guys, Ato k has been in the industry for so long with much experience, he begun his musical career with the taadi’s hiplife legend Th4Kwages which he had to his credit more of good songs he collaborated with great artiste like Castro and most of the Taadi successful stars. Ato k has been doing lots of recordings but pays no attention to promotions, i believe his fans reading this will definitely have a word of advice for him to do pay attention to his music promotions either than wasting such wonderful talent he had got.




MINIZTA: when comes to the oil city, there is no any of the trending stars in the city you will mention of minister name and he will pretend of not knowing him, he is a hard working musician who always hustle to find money to go record, he has numerous record songs added to his credit but his shine is seen hidden, Minister is seen as a shyful kind of act who always find it hard to introduce himself even hen there are gigs and carnivals. He has all it takes to make it but quite lazy in pushing his songs, he spends more time in studio and relax in sending the songs to deejays for airplay.


OILCITY BOIZ: Their name is bigger than their brand, this are artiste who have the passion for music but does not have time for music.. they do aim for bigger dream but fail to work hard for it, they are always seen in studio enjoying their own songs, very interesting to be duo who do have love for every artiste in the city, they are very supportive in kind, spending all their time to discuss their release but you will always find them on social media sharing just their art covers and showing up their wears. you will never seen them performing at any event but you always see them around to just go watch, you never hear their songs on radio but always see them following up the radio stations at every program.


CANOR : He is the eldest so far in the music scene in Takoradi,very serious when it comes to studio production, time to pay attention to this gentleman, he has to his credit more songs and other interesting videos, you will never enjoy listening to his music but will always put smile on your face with his comic lyric, Canor is seen as a professional story writer which i think he had not discover that now. he is well prepared in doing music..making all the necessary effort in promoting his music on every media platform, tvs,internet and radio. His latex banger will surely introduce him massively which he featured Nero x..Kakanaboka.





BLESSING GH: a very young hip hop upcoming star in the oil city,he is seen as a frustrated artist who doesn’t really pays attention to his genre of music, This same artiste really have passion for music,hard working musician. he is seen jovial and respectful, he is the first youngest guy who gave the dew dew hit maker afedzi perry first video appearance on TV on a song he featured him “Os3 Ayeyi, He keeps pushing his music irrespective of the unprofessional production mix of his songs,he still have the faith in making a hit. he is only known in his community Effia kuma which is eating up his head pulling him back there always as he feels he had got that fame so he is okay.He always does music for that few people he knows in his life and not the nation.


Story By : Sleeky/GhanaTunez



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