Nana Agradaa – My Church Registration Fee Is GH300 – Video

Pay GH300 Before You Have My Church Membership Card

Nana Agradaa - My Church Registration Fee Is GH300 - Video

Nana Agradaa – My Church Registration Fee Is GH300 – Video. Trending female pastor Nana Agradaa, popularly known as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, stands tall to correct people asking why she is taking GH¢300 for membership in her church.

She is putting it in the faces of the media and Ghanaians as a whole to mind their business and let her run her church peacefully.

In her words she said,

“You’ve acted stupidly and don’t you know you are letting people rub your destiny on the floor with it. Don’t you know that you are putting your dignity (destiny) to the floor? You let the foolish ones fool you.

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“Before you register in my church, you have to have a membership card. You will pay GH¢300. It’s my church, not your church. You can’t dictate what I have to do in my church for me,” she said.

She also added that some preachers sell all sorts of things in their churches like creams and onions and that is none of anyone’s business.

“Someone has started their church and claims they want to sell creams, others onions; it’s none of your business. You should go to hell. F**k off yourself, you should f**k off yourself, do you understand me,” she added.

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