Lyrics: Sarkodie – Brag

Brag Lyrics By Sarkodie

Sarkodie - Brag (Produced by Fortune Dane)

yeah came in again when I was supposed to numb

and then I had nobody to go to

poor boy from the God

I wouldn’t get nothing to eat

but I was thinking about seling the old too

I never gave up on a dream

but I was close to even if people would have caught you

started switchina un on me and I was locina

started switching up on me and I was losing

they got famous and it was up like everybody

they cost you I had a feeling I was gonna be bigger

the harder people see me put my money where my mouth is

tell my brother my me

my me want me send me merry cash

I’m not supposed to be sleeping on these couches I did my battery and I’m ready to go

started with a couple niggas but they won’t be cold

few people rapping my weave

we never default anytime I hop on beat

I start competing

cause the nigga come from streets and I don’t sleep

I gotta get back on feet I don’t cheat

the county is not complete

got some heat so many the reasons I don’t speak

cause a lot of these rappers don’t stack on beat

let’s be honest

how many rappers could rap on this type beat

drop it on if they’re not gonna freeze

what should I what should 1

what should I what should I what should I

I was born to make it out of the ghetto

a couple of my manga rolling and by myself

a couple houses

bitch l’m tryna touch a mill

put your pussy on the side

give me space making those touch my trousers

what’s keeping my walls already doing it

they be doing started when I was improving it


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