Lyrics: Ephraim – Broken Heart (Ft Teephlow)

Lyrics Ephraim – Broken Heart (Ft Teephlow)

Ghanaian music producer and artist Ephraim is back with a brand new single guaranteed to resonate with anyone who’s ever experienced heartbreak. Titled “Broken Heart,” the song promises to be an emotional rollercoaster, delivered with Ephraim’s signature talent.

A Powerful Collaboration

Ephraim isn’t going solo on this one. He’s teamed up with the talented Teephlow to create this powerful ballad. Teephlow, known for his impressive rapping skills, is sure to add a unique flavor to the track, complementing Ephraim’s vocals and production style.

Ephraim Takes the Wheel

Not only is Ephraim lending his voice to “Broken Heart,” but he’s also the mastermind behind the music itself. He’s credited with producing the song, showcasing his well-rounded musicianship and ability to craft compelling soundscapes.

Support Local Talent

This exciting new release is a great opportunity to discover and support a rising Ghanaian star. By searching for “Broken Heart” on all major digital streaming platforms, you can listen to the song and show your appreciation for Ephraim’s talent.

A Song with Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a fan of soulful vocals, emotional lyrics, or powerful beats, “Broken Heart” is likely to have something for you. With Ephraim’s production skills and Teephlow’s guest appearance, the song promises to be a well-crafted and unforgettable listening experience.

Join the Conversation

The release of “Broken Heart” is sure to generate excitement among music lovers in Ghana and beyond. By searching for the song online and sharing your thoughts on social media, you can join the conversation and help spread the word about this talented artist.

Embrace the Emotional Journey

“Broken Heart” is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey. With its relatable theme and powerful delivery, the song has the potential to connect with listeners on a deep level. So, get ready to be swept away by Ephraim’s heartfelt vocals and Teephlow’s impactful contribution.

yh yh yh yh
ay3 ready a
i realy canot think
And i no dey fit to sleep
Wey i dey feel so weak
baby and im going down
Everything is going down

Cos u break my heart o
I no dey fit to think straight
Girl u break my heart o
I no dey fit to play more beats girl u break my heart o
See u got the keys to my heart girl u break my heart o
u break my heart o
See u are my baby u are my lady
U tell me say we go stay forever more
Now im so lonely yes im lonely
The love u had for me was not for sure
U break me down i no dey fit walk for down oo
Rasta dey cry o
Its hard to use ur love
At first u dey blow my mind oooo
u dey make me smile oo
u make me feel like u mine oo oo
Its hard to use ur love ee
And evrything is breaking down
cos u brrak my heart oo


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