Kwesi Amewuga – LandGuard

LandGuard By Kwesi Amewuga

Kwesi Amewuga – LandGuard

Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Amewuga is making waves with his latest single, “LandGuard.” This catchy tune is off his brand new album, “Young LandGuard,” and it’s sure to get you hooked.

“LandGuard” is available for free download, so you can bump it wherever you go. The song is just a taste of what’s to come on the full album, which promises to be filled with Kwesi Amewuga’s signature style and flow.

Song lyrics hint at themes of confidence and determination. Lines like “Let them know say I’m born to do this” and “Meye land guard me twa mo toli” (which translates roughly to “I’m a land guard, I speak your language”) suggest Kwesi Amewuga might be portraying a character or using a metaphor related to land.

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Have you listened to “LandGuard” yet? What are your thoughts on the song? Share your comments below and let’s discuss Kwesi Amewuga’s latest banger!

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