Jay Bahd – Akatani Ft Beeztrap KOTM & Kwaku DMC

Akatani Ft Beeztrap KOTM & Kwaku DMC By Jay Bahd

Jay Bahd – Akatani Ft Beeztrap KOTM & Kwaku DMC

Get ready for a fresh dose of Ghanaian hip-hop! Rising star Jay Bahd has unveiled his latest single, “Akatani,” featuring fellow musicians Beeztrap Kotm and Kwaku Dmc.

The song’s title, “Akatani,” translates to “gangster” – but don’t be fooled by the tough exterior. “Akatani” blends the swagger of hip-hop with a surprisingly soulful melody, sure to leave a lasting impression.

This isn’t Jay Bahd’s first foray into the music scene. The talented Ghanaian artist has been making waves as part of the Asakaa movement, delivering hit tracks like “Mesasa,” “Oh A Linda,” “Odo,” and “We Paid.”

Released in late May 2024, “Akatani” is a perfect example of how Jay Bahd seamlessly blends Asakaa with the energy of Drill music. Each verse showcases the unique styles of Jay Bahd, Beeztrap Kotm, and Kwaku Dmc, creating a dynamic and unforgettable listening experience.

So, if you’re looking for something fresh, energetic, and with a touch of soul, be sure to check out “Akatani.” You might just discover your new favorite Ghanaian artists!

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