James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren, Age, Years Of Married And Biography

Velma Warren Wife To James Brown

James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren, Age, Years Of Married And Biography

James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren, Age, Years Of Married And Biography. Self proclaimed hardest working man and world’s trending music figure and number one biggest ever black music artiste married 4 lovely women and number 1 was Velma Warren.

James Brown Music Journey
Multiple hit making music writer/ singer, James Brown’s had a successful and victorious music career for more than 50 years but yet still his life journey had issues during his years of marriage.

Brown finds and discovered RNB taking part in gospel music and latter in the 1970’s he produced funk music and during all these times, Velma stood by his side during trial times.

James Brown’s Wife
First Wife – Velma Warren
Second Wife – Deidre “Deedee” Jenkins
Third Wife – Adrienne Brown
Forth Wife – Tomi Rae Hynie

James Brown’s Age
Brown was given birth to in 1933

Years Of Marriage
Seems James always finds controversy surrounding his past marriages, his marital journey with Velma seemed quiet and together they had 3 sons.

Their Divorce
James and Velma got divorced or split up in 1969 despite the claims that they were supposed to have divorced in the late 1960’s.

James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren Biography

Velma Warren Brown divorced James after being with him for several decades, in 2007 she made headlines and wanted to be a part of his estate after claiming she and the star legendary singer didn’t divorced.

Lawyer to Velma, David Bell, made it clear that his client married the James in 1953, had 3 children with him, and spent 17 years together and then also The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle brought out reports that the couple was granted a divorce in 1969.
On August 26 1969, Judge John Hardin signed the divorce decree.

James AND Velma’s Children (Sons)
Terry Brown
Larry Brown
Teddy Brown
Lisa Brown

Velma lost Teddy Brown in June 1973 at age 19 in a car accident in which his brother, Daryl Brown suspected that he was intentionally shot before the car crashed.


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