‘I wish I was naked all the time’ – Wanlov the Kuborlor

Controversial Ghanaian artiste Wanlov the Kuborlor has never been one to shy away when it comes to his nudity, as he has shared several photos of his naked body to the public leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Asked in an interview with Abeiku Turkson on TV AFRICA’S SHOWBIZ AND MORE on what informs his style of dressing, Wanlov was quick to say he dislikes wearing clothes and he wished he could go naked all the time.

He explained his statement by saying ‘you know in our part of the world the weather is very hot, is the kind of climate we have in Africa that makes us delay in our development and make us sick all the time’.

‘The whites have very good weather, when they arrived in Africa for the first time, we Africans had our way of covering up not going totally naked, because they had a very cold weather they were always covered up’.

“But now ironically everything has changed, when they come to Africa now specifically Ghana they wear very comfortable clothes because of the hot weather, but is we Ghanaians that want to cover up all the time wearing ridiculous outfit” he continued.

Wanlov also added that his style of dressing depends on the weather climate of where he is ‘If I go to a place where the weather is really cold I cover up a lot but I always and still stay to my style of dressing’.

Source: Ohemaa Oppong Kyekyeku

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