How Black Sherif Was Discovered – Find How

How Black Sherif Was Discovered - Find How

In the vibrant and diverse music scene of Ghana, one name has been on everyone’s lips recently: Black Sherif. Ghana’s sensational young star, Sherif’s distinctive fusion of highlife, trap, and afrobeat, this gifted young artist stormed onto the scene, stunning fans with his honest, moving lyrics and contagious melodies. But how exactly was Black Sherif discovered? Give this article a read-through as will discuss Black Sherif’s journey to stardom and how he was rated as one of Africa’s most well-known musicians.

Black Sherif’s Humble Beginnings
Black Sherif, whose real name is Mohammed Ismail, hails from Konongo, a small town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He found peace in music by expressing his young day’s emotions and experiences through his songs. Sherif, the giant of Ghanaian music now had no idea that his musical talents would soon be seen by the appropriate people, which would forever alter his life.

Like many aspiring artists today, Black Sherif owes a significant part of his discovery to social media. He started sharing his music on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, slowly building a small but dedicated fanbase. However, it was a particular song that caught the attention of music lovers across Ghana and beyond.

The Viral Success of “Money”
In 2020, Black Sherif released a track titled “Money” on his YouTube channel. This amazingly arranged song tackles the hard times and goals of everyday people and affects the audience.
Millions of people who relate to the story in the song viewed it and it spread online, making Black Sherif well-known.

How The Industry Recognizes Him
As the fame of “Money” continued to grow, industry insiders and music executives took notice. A record deal with a reputable Ghanaian record label enabled Black Sherif to advance his career and reach a larger audience thanks to his distinctive sound and indisputable talent.

The Arrival of “Second Sermon”
While “Money” laid the foundation for Black Sherif’s success, it was his follow-up single, “Second Sermon,” released in 2021, that truly solidified his place in the music industry. This song became an anthem, resonating with listeners of all backgrounds and cementing Black Sherif’s position as a rising star.

Africa’s proud young singer, Black Sherif’s rise from an unknown artist to a well-known musical figure in Ghana is evidence of the strength of skill, tenacity, and the backing of a devoted fanbase. Black Sherif’s ability to use life problems to write a song that relates to listeners continues to sell his name far. So, keep an eye on this budding artist because the business is only starting to take notice of his music.


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