Give Shatta Wale a break; he is not mandated to congratulate Stonebwoy!

Give Shatta Wale a break; he is not mandated to congratulate Stonebwoy!

It’s extremely enervating whenever I hear fans and some showbiz enthusiasts malign Shatta Wale for not congratulating Stonebwoy on his BET nomination and when he got married.

In biblical terms, a musician is a person who plays a musical instrument or is musically talented. Anyone who composes conducts or performs music may also be referred to as a musician.

After taking a retrospective look at who a musician is, never was it defined anywhere that a musician is a charitable organization who should congratulate another artiste when he or she gets nominated, wins an award or gets married.

Like any other business venture where there are competitors, being a musician could be compared to an organization where the rivalry is eminent.

As musicians, each and every one has his her brand to protect which makes them automatic competitors.Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, though they are both Ghanaians and doing the same genre(dancehall), they have different brands—so as competitors there is nothing amiss when one decides to protect his brand.

What we forget is, Shatta Wale congratulating Stonebwoy could’ve tantamount to endorsing the latter?Shatta is smart right?

As a plausible online News Surgeon, I have followed Shatta Wale’s business priorities as a musician.He has taken the game as a business, unlike other Ghanaian artistes who think they are running Nungua Children’s Home.

Oh Yes, people try to call him ‘Gbee Nabu’, but Shatta has proven on multifarious occasions that, he is not in the music industry to contest for Mr. Beautiful or Mr. Charity but business, business, business which is working quintessentially for him.

Unity in the music industry is what we seeking for but who says there is no unity in the music industry? Has anybody been prevented from being a musician? No! So onnce everyone is doing his/her music without any oppression, it means there is unity.

Well, I wouldn’t want to take much of your time, so my concluding question is, have we ever seen MTN congratulating Tigo before?Please let’s discern our music industry as a business.

Our musician union and our copyright laws are not governed well.These are the things we should be debating on and not about who congratulates who.

Let’s be serious for ones by giving the Self-acclaimed dancehall king a break!

Source: Razzonline

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