Five Most Known Singers From Takoradi

Five Most Known Singers From Takoradi

Now they say Tadi has always been the birth place of good singers in Ghana,talking about good high life musicians like Felix Owusu,Paapa Yankson,C K Mann and many other talented in the music industry.

On top of our lists is Nero X

Nero X has been the pride of Takoradi music now,he became popular when his gospel inspired single called Osey hit Ghana and it surrounding countries by Surprise.
He has maintain his balance in the industry till now with a couple of more hit songs.He alone is the face of oilcity music with more international appearance.
Some of his hit songs are Osey,Nyame Dadaw,Nimpa Nua,Secret and many other trending songs.

Second on our lists is Singlet

He is popularly known as S.I.N.G and they say that a song can’t go far without having his voice on it,note this is the voice of the people not my sayings.
His is currently the most trending artiste in the region now with popular dope tunes.
Some of his hit tunes are By Force,The Way You Love Me,PHD,Sweet Mother and many more.His tunes are countless.

Third On Our Lists Is Qwesi Flex

They call him the pride and sun of the western tribe of Ghana,he is the youngest of them all and the most talented when it comes to giving dope lyrical punchlines in any given song.
He is currently the look up of all young upcoming act in the oilcity now because of his brand.He is the people’s choice.
Some of his trending songs are Orekodo,Nyamekye assisted by Nero X,Taste and more.

Fourth On Our Lists Is Afezi Perry

When it comes to Potential and bravery he has it all compared to the rest.He began swimming in fame pool when his song tagged Dedew hit oilcity of Ghana like a deep storm.
He has hit songs like Ahaban,dedew,Wonkoaa,Sika Beba and many dope songs yet to be premiered.

Fifth On Our List Is Sorjeero

Ranked as the Naija Ninja in the tribe has gain him all the popularity any artiste dream to have.
Fans yearn for his songs like money,Tho he is a fast rising artiste his voice and calmness has pushed him to the limit those with popularity can’t reach.
He has trending songs like House Party which was produced by Willisbeatz and I Don’t Think Far.

Well those mentioned above were all based on the researches our honoured team conducted in the region.
They are the best of the best and must be watch out for.

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