Experience the Delight of Ghana’s Hottest Food Trend: Gari Soakings

Experience the Delight of Ghana's Hottest Food Trend Gari Soakings

A popular trending Ghanaian root vegetable, Cassava is cherished in many communities because it is used to prepare countless dishes in Ghana.

One such culinary delight that is gaining immense popularity is Gari Soakings, an appetizing treat made from the finest Gari derived from Cassava.

Gari Soakings can be described as an exceptional street food that is not only affordable but also renowned for its delectable flavor. This inviting dish consists of Gari, sugar, groundnuts, milk, and water, which when combined, create a mouthwatering sensation.

To produce Gari, the tuberous roots of the cassava plant are meticulously processed. The blended cassava is diligently fried over an open flame, resulting in the creation of this beloved Ghanaian ingredient.

Now, let’s explore the simple yet captivating process one must follow to prepare Gari Soakings.
Gather the following essentials: a cup, Gari, sugar, groundnuts, milk, and water. Begin by filling the cup with an appropriate amount of Gari, ensuring it aligns with your appetite. Next, add the perfect balance of sugar, groundnuts, milk, and water, giving the mixture a gentle stir until a uniform color is achieved. Finally, serve this tantalizing blend of flavors at your preferred dining spot.

The versatility of Gari Soakings is unmatched. Every piece of Gari Soakings becomes a special experience when enjoyed with a choice of sides including bread, cake, chips, or biscuits.

Indulge in the remarkable world of Gari Soakings and savor the richness of Gari, replete with the vibrant flavors that define Ghana’s culinary traditions. Join the wave and be part of the Gari Soakings phenomenon today!


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