Dear Sarkodie, Charity Begins at Home – Krobo Women Are Not Prostitutes And Cursed

The mother of your child and partner is from the KROBO TRIBE.
Your daughter is partly from the KROBO TRIBE.
Yet you call the KROBO TRIBE PROMISCUOUS and cursed by Akomfo Anokye. Charity always begins at home.

The best thing is to apologise to KROBOS and the whole GA-DANGME TRIBE. Karma is always waiting! Be wise, You have a daughter and I hope this does not become a fulfiling self fulfilling prophecy for your daughter any all female children you will have in your family. Also the same Karma can affect your Male Children and the type of women they marry in their future generation.

TRIBES IN GHANA / Ethnic groups in Ghana
47.5% Akans (11.5 mln)16.6% Dagbani / Mole (4 mln) 13.9% Ewe (2.9 mln) 7.4% Ga-Dangme (1.8 mln) 5.7% Gurma (0.7 mln) 3.7% Guan / Gonja (0.3 mln) 2.5% Gurunsi (0.1 mln) 1.1% Bissa / Mande (0.1 mln) 1.6% Other (0.1 mln)

SARKODIE – Facts or believe?
Akan women ca. 50%,
Dagbani-Mole Tribe ca. 18%
Ewe women ca. 14%
Ga-Dangme Women ca. 9%
Krobo Women ca 1-2%

There is no way about 1-2% women will have more prostitutes and promiscuous women than the 50%, 18%, 14%, 9% or the 99% of the total women population.

Through out my travelling experience, the people I see most prostituting themselves from are the tribe that make majority of the population. Go to Saint Pauli in Hamburg, Duesseldorf Hbf, Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany. Also, Amsterdam in the glass houses, in Belgium and in France. You will be shocked.

I defended Ewes, Northners, Ashantis, Ga’s and Now it is the KROBO’S I am defending. I am not taking this lightly at all, these tribal insults MUST end. I am not a KROBO and do not need to be one to have the sense that these insults are damaging to us as Ghanaians and Africans as a whole. The Slave master put you on Plantation, Raped our woman, Burns them, loves Bestiality, Zoophilia, Paraphilia, is Fetishistic, loves Coprophagia and Necrophilia which is the act of having sex with dead people. Yet, most Africans are too afraid to write or sings about them but rather degrade, humiliate and disgrace their own people because they have been so miseducated to hate themselves. The mental slavery is still a major issue.

As of 2017, bestiality which is the act of human beings sleeping with animals is illegal in 42 U.S. states. Bestiality was outlawed in Norway in 2008, The Netherlands in 2010, Australian Capital Territory in 2011, Sweden in 2013, and Denmark in 2015.

Your disrespect for women will cause tribal tension, Conflicts Genocide and unrest. Your picture to tell you we all started from somewhere.
Be wise! MAWU and their ANCESTORS are still taking care of our GA-DANGME TRIBE. Ase!

Credit: Manye DeSouza
CEO – Pan-African Alliance Global

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