Cute Lady In A Long Dress Fell Hard While Dancing At A Party

Lady Fell While Dancing

Cute Lady In A Long Dress Fell Hard While Dancing At A Party

A lady’s reactive response to having an awkward fall while dancing at an event has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

The popular saying that one should make lemonade when life gives such a one lemons was brought to life by a female dancer at an event.

The lady in a long dress treated an audience to a dance showcase when she suddenly fell while trying to make a new move.

Not caring if she sustained any injuries owing to the awkward manner in which she landed, the lady immediately picked herself up.

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She got up from the fall like it was a move in her dance script.

The unsuspecting audience broke into rapturous applause as they probably interpreted her awkward fall as a mindboggling dance move executed with finesse.

The short clip shared by AtinkaNews on Instagram stirred mixed reactions on social media.

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