Arathejay – Jesus Christ Ft BillyDray

Jesus Christ Ft BillyDray By Arathejay

Arathejay – Jesus Christ Ft BillyDray
Arathejay – Jesus Christ Ft BillyDray

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Arathejay has released a new song, “Jesus Christ,” featuring vocalist BillyDray. The single, described as “beautiful and well-crafted,” is a collaboration between the two artists and will resonate with inspirational music fans.

Arathejay is known for his talent as both a singer and songwriter, and this new single likely showcases his abilities.

The inclusion of BillyDray as a featured artist adds another layer of interest. It would be interesting to learn more about BillyDray’s musical background and how his voice complements Arathejay’s on the track.

Stream to enjoy the powerful message fused inside “Jesus Christ,” mp3 song by Arathejay Ft BillyDray, and do share with us our thoughts in the comment section below.

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