A LETTER TO GHANA (Shatta Wale is most times right)

It has become expedient on my part, as a fan of creativity to pen down this letter to you, my fellow Ghanaian’s. In this letter, I promise to be as precise as possible to spare you the hustle of reading a long ‘herodotian’ piece, as has been my style in time past.

For some time now, we have seen Shatta Wale, the man behind the shine of African Dancehall being ‘rude’ to some industry players, media folks and even colleague musicians. As a result, he’s been touted with unprintable adjectives to the detriment of his enviable brand and talent. Though I detach myself from his incessant and characteristic controversies, I’ve had my reasons to believe and justify his insolence. Man by nature becomes defensive when pushed to the wall. Though sometimes exaggerated, Wale has been innumerably pushed to the wall by people he’s picked on.

Sarkodie- Gboza
Letter To Sarkodie (Written By Cecil Tamakloe)

Unfortunately, he’s always been the one to be blamed when such feuds pop up. This letter may be to his rescue – as you may posit, but ideally, to the rescue of doom and partial consciousness surrounding anything Shatta Wale.

Somewhere last year, Wale nearly bantered with Stonebwoy – a beef, if had continued, would portrayed Wale, the black sheep – and Stonebwoy, the innocent of the duo. It all started when Stonebwoy shared a video of a ‘supposed’ mad man mocking Wale. In the video, the man went in hard on Wale, calling him ‘big and dirty mouth’. Why Stonebwoy shared that video? Your guess is as good as mine. Jupitar, another Dancehall giant had to condemn what Stonebwoy did quickly on his Facebook page. But in all this, Wale, exercised an uncharacteristic measure of resilience and calmness and only advised Stonebwoy to use his talent to make more money – rather than mocking people.

Shatta Wale – Comfortable Lead

In spite of this maturity Wale shown, no Ghanaian was an assertive disciplinarian enough to commend Wale’s decorum.

Just last weekend, this same untoward humbleness as has been Stonebwoy’s nature, resurfaced. This time, he had to retweet a fan’s comment disrespecting the talent of Wale. He even went further to add his voice to the ‘talent assassination’ meted out on Wale to score cheap points. But why now?

Recently, MTVBase Africa led a poll to sample the best Dancehall Act in Africa and Ghana. Halfway through the polling, Stonebwoy appeared to be leading ‘comfortably’ with Wale and the others trailing. As a result, he had to tweet his abrupt success, jumping on ‘premature undeserving hypes’ thrown in by his early-laugh and spirited fans. Arrbwoy’s lead became shortlived as the polls turned to favour Wale. Later, not only did Wale win, but won with a comfortable percentage. Consequently, Wale was declared The Dancehall Don of Africa and Ghana by MTVBase Africa.

But why the MTVBase Africa’s case? The aftermath of that poll, not only put smiles on Shatta’s face but, a displeasure soon to be registered. Stone again, teased Shatta via Twitter by stating he’s in a ‘Comfortable lead’, just when he was leading the polls. Just last night, Wale went live on Facebook with a new track to be released, with a controversial title, ‘Comfortable Lead’. The track was produced by Jamaican’s own DJ Perf and ‘would obviously be a mockery to Stonebwoy’, as would be the thinking of many – But I bet to differ. Even if it turns out to be a diss or mockery to Stonebwoy, doesn’t it worth it? Who started it?

Shatta Wale to me doesn’t ‘diss’ for no objective and justifiable reason(s). He disses because unsuspected players step on his toes. Ghana does not see the stepping, but she sees the dissing; and that’s pathetic. If you’re blind to the cause, why are your eyes opened the results? This isn’t to make Shatta spotless (he’s not) and Stonebwoy, blemish. Shatta can’t be spotless, but he’s sometimes been a victim of partiality and one-sidedness.

Sorry, I couldn’t keep to my promise of making this letter brief; sometimes, we need the details. I know it would be hard for some to come to terms with impartial reasoning because of deep-seated hatred for Wale. But one thing I would achieve – the world will know the truth.

Written by A Certain Nii

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